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What is Chimfunshi?

A lot of people think the word Chimfunshi comes from the word chimps, it doesn’t, it’s actually a local word meaning ‘a place that holds water’.

The sanctuary with a total area of 12,000 acres is located along the banks of the Kafue River. The area has got a number of flood plains plus ravines.

Chimfunshi was started in 1983 when a baby dying chimpanzee was brought to the Siddles farm. It is now home to over 120 chimps. 

Our main goal is:

·         Resocialization and Rehabilitation of Orphaned Primates, particularly Chimpanzees and,

·         Preservation of indigenous Flora and Fauna. 

As Chimfunshi we are committed to the long term care of these chimpanzees.

 The structure of Chimfunshi

Currently,Chimfunshi is divided into 2 main parts; the Orphanage and the Project Area (Trust Land).

  • Orphanage (18 chimps)
    • Chimpanzees that are brought to Chimfunshi are organized into family groups at the orphanage.
    • Now the chimps are organized into two groups, one with a fourteen acre outdoor enclosure while the other one is a bachelor enclosure.
  • The Project (100 chimps)

Established family groups are eventually moved to the Project, where they have huge outdoor enclosures to live in. Currently there are five chimpanzee communities living at the project.

Enclosure     Size (acres)     Population    1                     500                   23         

 2                    500                   47     

 3                      50                   13     

 4                      65                   13

Sandy +                                  04


Chimfunshi is not just a home to chimps, but also a home to Billy (hippopotamus), African Grey Parrots, vervet monkeys and other yellow baboons. The sanctuary has also been declared as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

All animals indigenous to Zambia are released to the wild once rehabilitated.